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christmas help needed

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Christmas Help Needed: I need help for a family I work with who I just learned is not going to be able to give

I need help for a family I work with who I just learned is not going to be able to give the kids a Christmas. There is a teenage boy (16) and young girl (9) and they are being raised by their single dad who is disabled recently unemployed. HELP!! What resources are available in the San Jose area? I've already called Catholic Charities twice and left messages - nobody has called back. My husband and I are not engaging in the traditional holiday activities because we too are struggling financially. Please, someone direct me to resources that can help.
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jerseygirl 2011  

help for christmas

hi iam jerseygirl dont what put my real name iam a grandmother of 10 grandkids and i feel bad because i cant get them anything for christmas i just want a little help anything will make them happy games dolls etc.. their are 7 boys and 3 girls the yougest is 1 she is a girl and the other girls are 71/2 and 7 and the boys are as follows 10,5,4,31/2,3,1 1/2, and 4months so i hope you can help me let me on my email at i wll be very greatful cant work at this time so it hard to anything for they will be happy to get anything god bless jerseygirl
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29 Year Old Widow Seeking Help For Christmas

I am a single mother of two and I am curently unemployed. I am afraid that my baby's wont have a christmas this year. My little boy is 8 and my little girl is 10.. their daddy died when they were really small. We are now liveing on servivors benifits. I battle with severe deppresion and Anxiety witch makes it hard to keep a job. Please if there is anyone that can help me it will be greatly appriciated.
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loving mother of 4  

loving mother of 4

I really need help for my kids
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Needy family from Minnesota just moved here

I am a single mother of three children, and we recently left a domestic situation in Duluth, MN to come here.  I have been unemployed since I left home in May.  I did just accept a job offer with Wellpoint, however it does not start until Jan.  I hate to really bother or ask for help, however, with noone here in Indy, I am feeling desperate.  Though I would take these struggles over the violence any day, I would like to give my children something to open on Christmas.  Two of the three still believe in Santa Claus.  We appreciate those who are able to bless us, as well as those who cannot.  Feel free to contact me 217 8569.



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About figs

  i never thougt i would be in this situation my husband lost his job about 4 months ago when we found out that we were going to have a another child we have 2 boys 1 girl the boys are 10 months apart 17 months and 7 months the girl is 2 yrs old im the only one working and providing for my family but unfornortely my job barly gets us by im already  6 months and working as many hours as my body will let me  work im asking not for me and my husband but for my kids  help us if you can please 
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About dmp123420001

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homeschoolmom   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "christmas help needed"...

Christmas Blessing needed

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About homeschoolmom

My name is Cynthia I am Christian Home School educator with limited ablity to get around I have diabetes which is a daily obsticle for me,Osteoarthritis and Rhumadtoid arthritis in the hips and legs so I rely on limping or a crutch. My husband works a minimum wage job but with seven children we are in need of help since his former employment was downsizing.He had two jobs  but now with one we have very little to work with.I am a mother 0f seven wonderful children we have a low income and are seeking people or organizations to please help donate new or used toys for Christmas this year and kids clothes. I have children 7,8,10,13,2,8mo,and 5 year olds.

Last year was the first Christmas my husband and I couldn't provide gifts we were crushed but our children are so loving they were happy with one doll each and toy cars from the local dollar store.We prayed to God for help and we believe someone may have compassion on these wonderful children and help.I know it's early but ,last year all the donation agencies said we were too late signing up for help this year I'm starting to save an items Ican to make this year great. 

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About SingleMomStruggling

I am a working single mother.  I have two awesome children at home with me, a girl 16 and a boy 15.  They're both excellent students and very giving people.  I also have a 21 year old daughter who's married and has given me my first grandchild.  He is almost ten months old.  They are all the lights of my life!

I work a full time job and am looking for a second job to help support my family. My ex-husband and the father of my children is a walking definition of a "dead-beat dad".  So there isn't any help to be expected from him.  There never has been.  My family is also struggling so they can't help either.

To my frustration, I have found that there is no assistance available to someone who is working and trying to make a living.  Unless my children are involved in some form of family services or receiving public assistance, there is no help for a family. 

I just barely pay the bills on my income so there is no extra money for Christmas gifts or a Christmas dinner.  As hard as this is for me to swallow my pride and ask for help, I know it's something that I must do.

 Does anyone know of any type of assistance for someone in my situation?

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Aidpage group discussing "christmas help needed"...

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About purplebutterfly

My husband has been laid off and we have three children of which two children are disabled. We are in need of Christmas help because the children do not understand not having money for Christmas. God Bless You and Merry Christmas.

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About kmc3076

My name is Kara and I am married with 4 children. We just moved to raleigh, north carolina on December 1st. We moved here because my stepfather was killed in a car accident and my mother was alone here to take care of her granddaughter. We didn't want her to be here by herself. We were already having hard times as everyone else, but this moved cost us more money than we had. We are borrowed out and our children do not have anything for christmas at all. They don't even have a christmas tree. My 12 year old has 6-8 seizures a week, and my 1 year old has really bad asthma, we have been in the emergency room alot lately. My children ages are girl 12, boy 6, girl 5, and boy 1. Is there anyone that can please help my children this christmas? I can be reached at Thank you so much in advance.

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About SharonC


My name is Sharon I have three kids and live in Bowling Green Kentucky. I got laid of in the middle of the year. I am working now but have no chance for overtime and am still not caught up on my bills. And making 8 dollars per hour just dont cut it. My family really needs help for Christmas this year. I have a 5 yr old boy a little girl who will be three this month, and a 2yr old little girl. Sometimes I feel ashamed of bringing children in this world with no financial stability but I work hard and will continue to work hard. I normally can get through the holidays but do need help this year. Anything will help clothes, toys whatever please.You can contact me at or reply to this. Thanxs for taking the time to read this!

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Comment: Hello, My name is Dianne and...

Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Christmas Help Needed"

Hello, My name is Dianne and I am a disabled mother of a 10 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. We are in desperate need of food. Thanksgiving is approaching an I have no way of getting food for the occasion. We are in the middle of the month a no food in the freezer or the cabinets. I have no idea what we will be eating this week or the next week. I have written to several programs trying to get help but I have had no luck PLEASE you have anyone or know anyone that can help us please let me know you can reach me at my email
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Texas Girl  

Looking for games for 3 kids...

Hello. I am still looking for just the used but good condition games with all the pieces.They are happy with anything. The girls are 12 & 5. son is 6.

Games Like the following would be great:

1-used gameboy advance games




5-Scrabble Junior OR Scrabble

6-Monopoly Junior OR Monopoly

7-Hungry Hungry Hippos


9-Crocodile Dentist


11-anything else that you think the kids would like.

I would appreciate getting a couple of games for them to play. The don't have any at all at this point. I think games would thrill them so much. Plus my other half and I can sit down with them and play also and teach them =) Sounds like lots of fun!

Thank you and God Bless All of You!

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Texas Girl  

Texas Girl

I am a SAHM mom of 2 kids and a step-mom to a pre-teen. I am a loving and supportive spouse to a man in the Army.

I am looking for a few games for my kids. 

You can  PM if you have more questions or would like to help out. Thank you and God Bless All of You!

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Still Looking for Christmas Help

Hi I am a grandmother living on disability and looking for help for christmas for my 4 grandchildren I am rasing. They are Dakota age 6 wear sizes 8-10 Alexxander 5 size 8 and 2 girls Phoenix 3 size 5-6 and Aaliyah 12 months size 18 months. These kids have gone though hell in the past years and all I want is to bring a little joy to them. I am not asking for much and they are not picky kids just want something for them to open on Christmas. Anything would be appricated.Hopefully there is a angel out there that will take me into consideration.  Thank you in advance. Please email me for any questions or if want proof of anything I will be glad to give it. My email adress is


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